Webinar: Sustainability Now

Can sustainability sustain in a cost of living crises?

We’re in a cost-of-living crises. Surely people have more on their mind than sustainability? Yes, they do. But that doesn’t mean the end of the sustainability growth seen in recent years.

People just need the conditions to be exactly right. Product and marketing efforts can easily be wasted. But there is also opportunity for brands who are driven by what their customers actually care about and need.

It’s not a simple topic. People are complex, and they’re being forced to make delicate trade-offs.

What to expect…

Led by Brand expert and MD of Blue Yonder Research, Richard Heath, who shares insights and guidance for brands, taken from our annual Sustainability Now study.

Every year, we take the pulse of the UK’s attitudes to sustainability. This unique study uses in the moment research tech to go beyond simply asking people how they feel. Instead, it travels into the moments with people. What does it take to cut through? To be credible? Are people still listening? When is the best time to reach them?

This on-demand webinar recording is for anyone working in or with brands, retailers, product development, experiences. If you have an objective driven at least in part by sustainability goals (commercial or ethical) this recording will be 45 minutes well spent.

This workshops covers:

  • New in the moment insights, shown here for the first time, without charge
  • Bringing a unique perspective through measured key moments that matter in sustainability
  • Insights and guidance for brands
  • Can sustainability survive in a cost of living crises?
  • Do people still care?
  • Do brands and products need to change tack?
  • How to make sustainability credible

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What is Sustainability Now?

Sustainability Now is in it’s 3rd year, it is a survey which is designed to take the pulse of the UK’s attitudes to sustainability. It combines multiple methods – Clickscape takes us into the moment via it’s unique ability to record instant emotional, observational, attitudinal feedback from people as they live their lives, without the need for diary apps or surveys. These insights are combined with more traditional quant and qual approaches to complete the picture.

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