Ensuring True Data Integrity


The Three Pillars for Reliable Research When working in quantitative research, data integrity is essential. When the validity of numbers is compromised, market research loses its value. Amidst the benefits brought by AI, automation, and global panel marketplaces, challenges like bots and panel fraud have surfaced, necessitating robust data integrity practices. [...]

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Annual Innovation Report 2022


Annual Innovation Report 2022 The world has undergone a generation-defining period of change. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic bringing the international economy to its knees, or the changing consumer mindset that this has inspired, it has never been more important for companies to innovate. To invest the time and money required for genuine innovation. [...]

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The Future of Research & Where We Go From Here


The Future of Research & Where We go From Here... Steve King (CEO Black Swan Data) recently wrote an excellent piece in Forbes covering the new wave of tech-driven vs tech-enabled digital market research firms. Having spent time working at Black Swan and Streetbees, it made me think about the future (with my client [...]

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