Unveiling Q4 2023’s Top Innovations: Celebrating Company Ingenuity and Achievement

Each quarter, we come together to applaud the multitude of innovations within our teams. Every team showcases their most notable innovation of the quarter, and the entire company participates by voting for their preferred innovation and presentation. Although every innovation is significant, only one entry can win the prestigious ‘Innovation of the Quarter’ Award.

As a company we decided to celebrate the 2023 Q4 innovations at the start of this year, this gave us all more time to focus on the December workload, but also served as a great opportunity to re-fresh ourselves on all the amazing innovations we achieved!

We are delighted to reveal the recipients of the Quarterly Innovation Award for Q4, in the following three categories:

🏆 Innovation of the Quarter

The winner of the innovation of the quarter was our very own Marketing and New Clients team for their fantastic work in relaunching the Blue Yonder website. They have been working tirelessly to create new content and improve website performance and also learnt new skills in house to upskill the team for future development, too. Great work team!

Innovative Delivery

The winner of innovative delivery of the quarter was Hope and Belle. Their work in delivering a new style of video edit that showcased not only the detail of the product usage but also the motions of the consumer was fantastic. We love these cross team collaborations!

Best Presentation

The winner of presentation of the quarter was first time Innovation Review attendee and fieldwork Rockstar Dario! Dario did a really engaging presentation on his new Ai solution, which he implemented after just being here a few months – we take our hat off to your Dario!

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