How Unlocking Mental Wellbeing: Insights from Karen Schofield

Many people who have mental health conditions aren’t sure how to cope with their symptoms and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms to push away their emotional discomfort. Mental health awareness doesn’t just help you. Knowing more about mental health disorders can also help your family members, friends, and co-workers.

KeyNote- Women’s Speakers Directory spoke with Karen Schofield, Head of Qual at Blue Yonder, about her thoughts on mental wellbeing, a topic which closely relates to happiness and resilience, and something she is really passionate about.

Karen is an award-winning speaker and consultant who demonstrates why much of our happiness is due to our mindset and the way we choose to see the world around us, why it’s less influenced by our genes than we might think, and how we can consciously choose to make ourselves happier, and increase our resilience.