Who We Are

Oracle are analysts, data scientists and coders. They deploy traditional and cutting edge treatments to find The Edge in the data. More than a data team, senior Oracle time is dedicated to learning new techniques, driving our understanding forwards. Oracle also do the basics exceptionally well. Blue Yonder data is different because it goes through 12 layers of automated and human cleaning before we work with it.

Our Expertise

  • Segmentation
  • Key Drivers, Max Diff, TURF, KANO
  • Penalty analysis
  • Profitability modelling
  • Conjoint

  • Coding and data automation

"“Blue Yonder are our silver bullet for insight; they took our category from decline to 6.3% growth in a single quarter”"

Brand Director, UK

Client Stories

Chilled food testing

The Challenge

A market leading chilled food were expanding into ambient. The product was best in class but not cheap. How do we price it right to drive sales time after time? We knew the product was premium, but could we price it that way?

What we did

We asked the traditional measures in not-so-traditional ways. The first look at the product was at shelf. What’s too cheap, too expensive and just about right? … But we went beyond this; we got people to take it home – eat it in the real world and tell us again: what would they pay?

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