Creating the Future of Snacking


fast-paced qual testing

The Challenge:

Our client had developed a wide range of snacking concepts for their long-term ‘future of food’ innovation pipeline.

They needed clear direction on which to move forward and why. How did they fit with the brand? What needs were they meeting? How could these needs be optimised? How could they talk about them to win in store?

The Solution:

We got our creative participants immersed in the world of snacking by sharing all of their snacking occasions over a week. Using this rich visual and written information we had a great platform to build on when they met us in-person to review the concepts in detail, in co-creation sessions.

These were fast-paced and high energy, with a range of stimulus, stations and activities, which meant our group were fully engaged and enthused about giving clear, but also critical feedback!

But we didn’t stop there – to make it in the real-world, new products have to resonate. We reconnected with our participants a few days later to see which concepts they could still recall – which had the greatest impact on them and which they would consider buying, after having time to reflect?

The Result:

We identified a number of ‘winning’ concepts with specific areas to optimise, from which brand and range to best align them with, to specifics around key occasions, messaging and pack design. Importantly, we also understood why some concepts didn’t perform well at all. Our client is now working with the innovation and R&D team to refine and optimise the offer!

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