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The Campaign for Real Innovation - C4RI

What makes an innovative team? What makes an innovative person? How can we all be more effective in making innovation happen?

Join us as we dive into the heart of innovation – the people making it happen.

Our focus will be to delve into the crucial elements of fostering a thriving innovation culture within organisations. From finding the right people to nurturing and retaining talent, to overcoming personal setbacks and celebrating the journey beyond success stories, this event is designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to spark a culture of ideas.

Date: Tuesday 14th May 2024 | 9.00am until 10.30am

Location: The Lost & Found, Leeds | 12 Greek St, Leeds LS1 5RN

We invite you to come along for the next face-to-face session of The Campaign for Real Innovation. This breakfast briefing will be led by Richard Heath, together with Karen Schofield, Head of Qual and People, and seasoned client-side R&D FMCG leaders, Ben Diamant, Head of Design and Product Management at CMD Ltd, and Liga Magdalenoka-Keen, Director of International Insights at Scientific Games. Our guest speakers know what it takes to create a culture to drive real innovation.

The Campaign for Real Innovation is a series of events and articles exploring what it takes to make innovation happen in business. In this latest breakfast session, we will hear stories of success and failure from senior client-side leaders who have been there and done it. Come and be part of this insightful discussion and networking opportunity. Learn from other innovators and insights leads. Share your own tips and tricks… and war stories!

Key discussion points:

This in-person breakfast briefing will give you practical and inspirational insights covering:

  • Unlocking talent: How do you find the right people for your innovation journey?
    Explore strategies and best practices for identifying and attracting the innovative minds your organisation needs.
  • Retention strategies: How do you keep great people once you’ve found them?
    Learn about effective retention techniques and strategies that ensure your innovative talent remains engaged and committed.
  • Navigating setbacks: Beyond success stories
    Delve into the real, raw stories of personal knockbacks and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities on the path to innovation.
  • Cultivating an idea-driven environment
    Understand the importance of fostering a culture that encourages and values ideas, from the small “baby steps” to the groundbreaking innovations.
  • Getting started: Taking the initial steps towards innovation
    Gain practical insights on initiating an innovation culture within your organization, understanding that every successful journey begins with those crucial first steps.
  • The roles of innovation: Inventor, Spotter, Champion, and Discipline
    Unpack the different roles essential to building a successful innovation culture, from the creative minds behind the ideas to the champions who drive them forward, and the necessary discipline to sustain innovation.
  • Success stories: Clickscape®/Momentous – A case study of Blue Yonder’s innovation culture
    Explore the inspiring journey of Clickscape® and Momentous, organisations that have thrived by embracing and implementing a culture of innovation.

Reserve your place:

Join us at “Innovate & Elevate” to gain valuable insights, network with like-minded professionals, and chart the course towards a future of real innovation within your organisation.

Tea, coffee, and croissants will be provided!

Meet the speakers…

Ben Diamant

Ben Diamant
Head of Design and Product Management

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Liga Magdalenoka-Keen

Liga Magdalenoka-Keen
Director of International Insights
Scientific Games

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Richard Heath
Managing Director
Blue Yonder Research

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Karen Schofield - Head of Qual

Karen Schofield
Head of Qual & People
Blue Yonder Research

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