Mapping the whole experience

The challenge

You’re a market leader – globally. Everybody wants to take you on – steal market share…and you see rate of sale start to fall – slowly but significantly. ‘Good Enough’ no longer cuts it, and you can’t rely on a hard won reputation to carry you, as challenger brands have reset category boundaries and changed the parameters of excellence. You need to deliver absolute superiority. So we brought in XM: experience mapping on steroids and exploratory qual at its finest; 360°, end to end, holistic understanding of product perception at a technical and attribute level, from in store to final disposal.

What we did

We identified the touchpoints – what mattered most, when and where; telling our client where to focus time, effort and budget. We benchmarked vs competitors: where are the gaps? We understood precisely what superiority looked like in the moments that really mattered…and we brought it all to life with powerful video edits. This changed the game. We got buy in at VP level, and a new way of working for the Global R&D team. Most importantly, we got product superiority.