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Reflections From Market Research Conferences 2023


The last 3 months have seen several large-scale market research conferences in the UK, not least the annual MRS Insight Alchemy conference and The Quirk’s Event both held in London earlier this year. Market Researchers are a wonderful animal. In possession of an intellect and diligence which makes them sceptical of #TheNextBigThing, but by [...]

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Market Research: An Innovation Report 2022/23


2022 was a tough year for the MR industry. Early industry data showed that Market Research was squeezed hard, which was not unexpected, with budgets under pressure to go further. That is why, more so than ever, it is important to stay strong, have the right forward thinking, pro-active approach and dogged determination, which [...]

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Annual Innovation Report 2022


Annual Innovation Report 2022 The world has undergone a generation-defining period of change. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic bringing the international economy to its knees, or the changing consumer mindset that this has inspired, it has never been more important for companies to innovate. To invest the time and money required for genuine innovation. [...]

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The Sustainability Moments of Truth


Everything Speaks: Introducing the Sustainability Moments of Truth (SusMOT) The Micro moments in life matter, they form impressions (conscious and subconscious), and make or break what we will do next. It’s what I believe, it's what Brand:Lab believes. Jan Carlzon of SAS - Scandinavian Airlines first called these moments of truth (MOT) in the [...]

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What is a modern insight agency?


Last July I decided to change my country, my company and my clients. I left Asia after 6 years and came home looking for change... Since then I’ve had more existential, and often late night, conversations than at any time of my life since I hung out with philosophy students at uni... What is [...]

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