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The Campaign for Real Innovation - Blue Yonder Research

The Campaign for Real Innovation

Welcome to the Campaign for Real Innovation (C4RI) which is a programme dedicated to demystifying the concept of innovation and making it more accessible for client-side and agency teams alike. Our events feature industry leading clients and independent innovation experts who do not just talk about innovation – they live and breathe it. We have been working with these global innovation experts from the world’s leading FMCG brands. We are determined to deliver inspiration and practical wisdom in equal measure to change the face of our industry and take us into the future.

Our team of industry experts includes Emma Goff, Jonathan Million, Paul Thomas, Tiana Conley, Ben Diamant, Neil Patel, and Michelle Roberts, all of whom bring a wealth of experience in the field. With backgrounds from leading global giants such as Unilever, Beam Suntory, Mars Wrigley, Reckitt and General Mills, our guest speakers know what it takes to drive real innovation. 

The C4RI Mission: To Demystify Innovation

To define innovation: what it is and what it is not: give teams the tools to recognise innovation

To give teams confidence to innovate: understand the barriers, understand the mindset and understand how to create the culture

To make innovation more accessible: it’s not just about creativity, it’s about relentless practicality

To create an innovation eco-system: connect to the right people at the right time

Laying the Foundations of Innovation

The C4RI kicked off with the first session in our campaign: “Laying the Foundations for Innovation”. Premiering at two in-person events in London & Leeds, this first session was hosted by Hannah Rogers, Jonathan Million & Ben Diamant who showcased our ‘Innovation Foundations’ documentary. Watch the six-part series – see links below!

The key learnings and takeaways from these events are summarised in this article: Solid Foundations for Innovation, expertly written by Hannah Rogers, one of our senior insights and innovation experts.

Upcoming sessions:

• Barriers to innovation and how to overcome them

• When to red flag innovation

• Ideation methodologies: NPD and new services

• How to create a culture of innovation

• How to measure the success of innovation

• Sleeping with the enemy: winning stakeholder buy in

Featured Partners:

Meet The Speakers:

Ben Diamant

Director of Ideas and Innovation
Aire Innovations

Tiana Conley

VP Global Portfolio Strategy

Neil Patel

Sensory Consumer Science Manager OTC

Michelle Roberts

Independent Brand Strategist
Brand Shed

Michel Bonnet

Sensory & Consumer Insight Specialist
Azur Insights

Paul Thomas

International Insight Director
Beam Suntory

Emma Goff

Senior Innovation Coach
General Mills

Jonathan Million

CIO & Founder
Blue Yonder

London Premier Event

Leeds Premier Event

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