Key Touchpoints Throughout Product Journey

Understanding key touchpoints…

throughout a product journey

The Challenge:

A client had a challenge of getting closer to the moments that matter during the laundry product journey, whilst letting consumers experience the product as they usually would, in line with real world behaviours. 

The Solution:

Instead of the traditional end of usage quant survey, we broke it down into relatable touchpoints of key stages of the laundry journey. We let consumers tell us about their experiences in those stages by simply clicking on the relevant task on our AlertYa™ app, as it was happening.  

The Result:

The surveys were shorter and smarter, using the AlertYa™ app, limiting fatigue in what would have been a lengthy questionnaire. The data collected was far richer and more insightful as it was captured in the moment the experiences were happening, and we did not have to rely on inaccurate memory recall, eliminating the traditional survey shortcomings. 

Of consumers wrote more in open-ended questions compared to a previous similar project
Of consumers found AlertYa™ better than traditional surveys

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