Optimising a New Sporting Experience with Clickscape®

The Challenge:

The LIV Golf team wanted to get deep into the moment with their audience to understand how they really experience their new events and whether it delivered vs their expectations.

The insight needed to go beyond the surface level of just understanding whether people were having a nice time, to really diagnose how and when the event experience delivered. Alongside this, precision was also key, the team were looking to find out which element was driving sentiment at each point during the event. From food and beverages through to all the activities of the fan village, concert and the golf itself where fans could get closer to the action, the detail of the whole experience was critical.

Speed and actionability of insight were also critical because decisions had to be made about the upcoming events on the tour, so quickly available easy to act on recommendations, were key.

The LIV Golf team knew that traditional approaches would struggle to deliver against all of these challenges and needs, they were looking for something new to get truly into the moment with their audience.

The Solution:

Clickscape in action: its unique in the moment technology used to bring insight precision.

What is Clickscape®?

Clickscape® is a wearable button that delivers a completely new metric. It gives totally new insight, all with the simple click of a button. It allows us to gain real life insight into people’s emotional responses the moment they occur. Respondents simply click to record their observations easily and instinctively, in real time with one or two clicks. This simplicity is supported by brand new technology; the button connects to consumer smartphones and uploads live data to a cloud-based dashboard. In addition, using GPS technology, we can pinpoint exactly where the respondent is having the experience, enabling us to map with precision where each click takes place.

How Clickscape® was used to deliver event insight

Respondents (pre-recruited by email) were given a simple brief; to carry the button and phone and click the button to tell us how they felt. Click once when something exceeded expectations, click twice when something fell below expectations. We tasked them to take photos and videos to capture the experience along the way.

It is this simplicity that ensured instinctive, in the moment, emotional feedback during the event. We used geofencing (recording precise coordinates) to ensure we could isolate clicks that came from the areas of interest and reported at this aggregated level. We also used our ClickView interviewing technique when respondents returned at the end of the day to discuss event highlights/low lights to add context to findings.

The tournament ran for three days, during which we captured moment by moment insight as the event progressed, with topline data available for fast feedback at the end of each day.

The Result:

The pioneering use of this brand-new technology, Clickscape®, allowed moment by moment understanding of how people were experiencing every element of the event. It enabled us to pinpoint exact areas that required optimisation, as well as those of success. The detailed insight highlighted specific fan experiences, golf spectator observations and different target audience feedback.

Clickscape® delivered fast insight into what needed to be improved for the next event, driving key actions. These actions were put in place, within a short timeline before the next event, resulting in an even more superior experience that exceeded attendee expectations.

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