Brand:Lab helps our clients get closer to the truth, in the moments of truth.

We deliver specific edges that help brands win and are rooted in people’s behaviour and commercial reality.
Brand building has changed forever.

We deliver edges, by:

• Using first principles thinking to understand your brand/situation in high-definition detail
Identifying the truths in the moments that matter
Being commercial in our recommendations, putting a £ value on changes as if we ran your brand or business
We’re method neutral, tech savvy and design for impact

Detailed, actionable insight for marketing

Watch full movie – The inches

Core beliefs drive us

It’s about finding the inches


  • Growth drivers

  • Demand segmentation

  • Message prioritisation

  • Touchpoint prioritisation

  • Concept and ad testing

  • Performance tracking and optimisation

How do we do it?

  • Mixed method

  • Neuroscience

  • Clickscape

  • Data consulting

  • Assimilation
  • Insight content creation

"Blue Yonder is synonymous in our company with the highest quality research – with fun along the way"

Brand Director, UK

Client stories

Ads tested, smart and simple

The Challenge

There is a lot of nonsense surrounding ad testing. It’s all black boxes, quick and dirty, automated, hijacked by databases, too much fluff, too much science.

No category is the same. Few objectives are the same. If they were, life would be pretty dull. So why standardise testing?

Why choose between depth and price. Why not just do something smart that finds out what you need to know, no more, no less?

What we did

A fantastic meat free protein brand needed to know if its bold new angle on food would resonate.

We blended facial coding, quant metrics and video feedback together: data for the facts, facial coding for the emotion, video so the client could look normal people in the eye and hear them.

We kept it lean, smart and focussed, and delivered within a week for £7k per video. The client pushed on.

Not just finding your place in the category – leading it!

The Challenge

Our client had a great product with a distinctive taste and high appeal – but it wasn’t selling. The category leaders were too strong to challenge, so we needed to work out whether to reposition – or to pull from market.

What we did

Holistic qualitative and ethnographic brand mapping: observing and understanding how products were seen and used in relation to each other – defining subcategories, learning the ‘rules’ for each of them, identifying the leaders – and finding the gaps.

What happened next

We changed the game; instead of unsuccessfully competing in a saturated sector, we could be the champion in another. The concept was rewritten, the artwork was updated, the ads were recrafted – and the product began to fly.

Balancing the practical and the emotional

The Challenge

In hospitality, the balance of function and emotion, matters above all. Price, convenience, comfort on the one hand; tailored experiences, emotional warmth and delight on the other. We worked with a global group to unpick the balance of these areas, at the global and local level.

What we did

Where to focus for comms and experience? It was local that mattered. The global brand could unite and add value to each location brand, but it was the practical, on the ground aspects that were driving value share. So our client refocussed that. This is what we do. We uncover what matters and prioritise it for you. We cut to the chase, and focus on the actions for growth.

“Out of the agencies I’ve worked with in my career, BYR is the one I would always go to if I wanted the brief to be pushed further. They always take the time to understand the business context, constructively challenge the brief.”

Director, Major Global Brand

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