World class product testing

Sense:lab deliver industry leading R&D insight, globally; this is world class product testing, working cross methodology to deliver competitive advantage to products.

"Other agencies can work with R&D, but the difference is that Blue Yonder are R&D. They understand us. They influence our work."

R&D VP, Billion £ global brand

In the last year…



  • Consumer sensory insight

  • Claims

  • Formulation

  • Product testing

  • Pack and design testing

  • Purchase moments

  • Consumption moments

  • Experience mapping

  • Pipeline generation

  • Demos

  • Fixture optimisation

  • POS impact

  • Range reviews

  • Pack impact

How do we do it?

  • Best in class UK facility

  • Global approved partner facilities

  • In House Panel

  • 3D Digital Community

  • Clickscape

  • App development

In 2020, we built Sense:lab HQ – Product Testing Centre of Excellence

Work out of the best global, R&D testing facility. Based in Leeds, it’s the UK’s newest, most state of the art R&D facility, built to ISO Standards and created in collaboration with global client technical teams.

  • Designed with R&D teams, for R&D teams
  • It delivers a single solution for end-to-end product testing: recruitment, preparation, assessment, analysis, reporting
  • Built during the global pandemic, it follows a one way system to maximise team and participant safety
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Client stories

Sexual wellbeing. Everybody needs it, but how do you sell it?

The Challenge

Needs vary hugely across people within one country, let alone the 7 major markets our client needed to master. How to bring a global positioning to life in each market? Which messages to dial up? How to retail? How to disrupt a category caught between practicality and social acceptability?

What we did

We went back to basics. Explored needs. Understood the practical realities. The emotions. The fears. We went into store. We used tech to let people share their true selves and needs without embarrassment. Then we brought it all together in video nuggets. Easy to view and share around a global stakeholder network. And so the strategy moves forwards. It’s about making the complex simple.

The smell of ‘Shine’ – dishwasher tablet fragrance testing

The Challenge

Our client wished to benchmark new fragrance submissions suitable for dishwasher products, submitted from a range of fragrance houses, against 2 current benchmarks. The ultimate objective was to understand which two fragrances delivered the best results and appealed to consumers' perceptions of what evokes the smell of 'shine'.

What we did

We needed 10 dishwasher machines all in situ, all identical, all at the same site. This required us to think outside the box and look at the options we had available. We settled with utilising 'serviced apartments'; standardised rooms each with a standardised dishwasher to mimic a real life environment. We hired out 10 separate rooms over the course of a week, one for each fragrance, and asked consumers to attend in small groups and assess the fragrance in a rotated order, answering questions about each.

“Blue Yonder didn’t just open the door, they blew it off its hinges.”

Global Insight director

“It was a refrigerator insight. We opened the door and a light came on.”

Head global insight

“ Blue Yonder in 3 words: Passion, Creativity and Flexibility! Not easy to find all 3 in one company. I cannot recommend them enough.”

R&D Director

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