Ensuring you win at the moment of truth

The world’s first shopper testing facility, now online and globally mobile. Shopper:lab™ dissects the decision moment, and makes sure it will go your way.


  • Shopper lab tests

  • Physical and digital planogram testing

  • New launch optimisation

  • Category growth testing

  • POS innovation

  • Fixture optimisation 
  • POS impact 
  • Range reviews 

  • Pack impact

How we do it

  • Shopper:Lab (TM)

  • In store ethnography

  • Eye tracking

  • Hot spotting

  • Digital planogram creation

  • Digital store mock up

  • Data consulting

"We continue to look for more opportunities to positively reshape the market and you and your excellent team will be at the heart of those more challenging projects"

Commercial VP, Gaming

Client Stories

At shelf impact

Nailing a product’s performance is one thing, actually getting it in home is another. How well would a category challenging pack stand out, appeal…and hold its own against its competitor set?

The solution

200 consumers through Shopper:lab™ reacting to the pack where it matters for the first time – at shelf. Observation, qual and quant combined to dive deep into the shopper experience – and gain at shelf advantage.

The impact

Optimised graphics, sizing, price points – and absolute confidence in product performance post launch.

“Blue Yonder use Shopper:Lab™ in a unique way to give you exactly what you need to see. They understand what we want and work with us to make sure that we get it.”

Global Qualitative capability lead

“Blue Yonder present the kind of role model a new generation of research practitioners should be aspiring to – the right mix of research professionalism and responsiveness to client and business needs.”

Head of Insight

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